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Me. I'm great me. Really great. Yay for me.

I've been really lazy and not updated the blog since Tuesday. So this is a Thursday Thirteen and a blog update, all rolled into one. I'll probably rant on about my meeting and my salsa and my choir shaped worries at another date.

But for now, here are Thirteen Things that I REALLY, REALLY LIKE. A LOT.

1. I really like sleeping. At the moment, I am not sleeping very much. I seem to be getting up at stupid o'clock in the morning and going to school, then staying there until stupid o'clock in the evening, then passing out at around 9. *sigh*

2. Despite what I just wrote there, I really, really like my job. I love my kids. I love the Year 2 kids who used to be my kids. I particularly love the little girl who strokes my legs and tells me she loves me. I love the little boy who can't let go of me. Literally. I love the fact that after 4 (long) weeks, the kids love me and want to please me. It took my last year's class a lot longer to realise that life is more fun when you do as I want.

3. I really like singing. I'm not very good at it. But I like it a lot. I am Music Co-ordinator at my school, which sounds impressive, but really just means that I start the singing in assemblies. Just as well I love to sing. I've recently added another singing opportunity to my list of things I have to do. My school's been asked to be part of the BBC Singers Go Sing! project. So we have to have a choir. I am terrified.

4. I really like speaking foreign languages. I love French and Italian, and once the wedding's out of the way, I hope to be able to start doing some courses again. I just don't have the energy at the moment.

5. I really like swimming. I don't do it that often, but I love it. I swam 500 metres today for the first time in ages and ages, and it felt great. I desperately need a new swimming costume though. Mine has no elastic left. It is a bit revealing on the top half. I went on my back and it looked a bit porny. I did a particularly energetic breaststroke and, well. Enough said. *whoops*

6. I really like cooking. It's great. You can make whatever you want. People never mind if it's "interesting" and it's rarely interesting in a bad way.

7. I really like reading. It's the best way to amuse yourself without hurting yourself. I'll read everything I can get my hands on, from the backs of cereal boxes to Tolstoy. I love books. I have about a million. And I keep buying more. Whoops. I also like reading aloud to my kids. *reads Charlie and sodding Lola for the 14th time*

8. I really like writing. I don't do it often enough. The blog is about as creative as I get. None of this is true, you know. I'm really a twenty-eight stone trucker called Barry.

9. I really like travelling. I like going to new places and I like visiting places that I've already been to. I get wait to go back to San Francisco for example. And I love Hong Kong too, and I've been there loads.

10. I really like knitting. How sad is that. I sit in front of the telly, knitting my blanket. I'm making a huge enormous blanket for our marital bed. It's going to be 100 squares. At the moment, it's 60something. I'm very proud of myself.

11. Equally sadly, I really like sewing and making toys. I made my friend Princess Molly a tiger. She was a bit meh about it, but the Hannah monster loved it. I have a fox cub and a badger cub to make after I finish the blanket. Then I am going to sew sequins onto some of my teeshirts. This is something that I've always wanted to do. And have always been too lazy to do.

12. I really like finding out new things. I am a bit nosy about everything. It makes me a font of useless knowledge. I prefer to say that it makes me the fully rounded and extremely interesting, if a trifle strange, person that I am today. This is why I am learning to salsa and to play the piano.

13. I really like Simon. A lot. That's why I'm marrying him. *soppy face*

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Oh yes, I'm reading The Underdogs, a novel of the Mexican Revolution. More interesting than it sounds.
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